Viking Pump of Canada Inc., a Unit of Idex Corporation, is a recognized leader in the manufacture and supply of Positive Displacement Rotary Gear pumps.  Since 1924, Viking Pump of Canada Inc. has been moving liquids in thousands of applications around the world.  These pumps are marketed under the brand name Vican Pump in the United States and Internationally.

Our successful applications include the pumping of light volatile liquefied gases to heavy viscous liquids and semi-solids. With such broad experience, our Applications Engineers have the resources to solve even the most diffi cult application challenges. We offer pumping solutions needed to maximize the pump’s performance and longevity.

As a symbol of our quality, each pump is hand-assembled by our internal crafts people for greater reliability and performance. To insure that the pump will perform as designed our ISO 9001 quality control program is strictly enforced in each phase of production and assembly. To improve our processes and help address critical-to-customer issues, we engage in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Value Stream Mapping.

When to use a Vican Gear Pump?

Vican Positive Displacement Rotary Gear pumps reliably addresses many pumping applications that are typically very challenging for centrifugal pumps and other types of pumps including :

- Higher Viscosity Liquids :
With a viscosity range from 38 to 2,000,000 SSU (1 to 440,000 cSt), Vican gear pumps are ideally suited to higher viscosity liquids, variable viscosities, and are commonly used on thin liquids such as fuels and solvents.

- High Suction Lift Applications :
Wetted Vican gear pumps can achieve suction lifts up to 5 to 6 m (15 to 20 ft..) making priming far easier than standard centrifugal pumps.

- When Constant Flow is Needed :
Vican gear pumps provide near constant fl ow, even at variable pressures, to match process requirements.  No need for complicated control systems.

- Low Flow Applications :
Vican gear pumps excel at low fl ow operation with sizes that operate from 0.12 to 1000 USGPM (0.45 to 3785 l/min), without surging or instability other pumps experience.

- Higher Pressures :
Standard Vican gear pumps are available up to 250 PSI (17.23 bar) even at lower flows and are typically less expensive than other types of pumps for higher pressures.

- Special Liquids :
Vican gear pumps are ideal for shear thinning or shear sensitive liquids such as ketchup, printer’s ink, and chocolate.


SERIES 32 / 432

Series 32 / 432 pumps are designed to handle a variety of fluids while directly connected to nominal speed motors...

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Series 115 Rotary Gear Pumps are engineered for small capacity applications to suit light and medium service duties...

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SERIES 75 / 475

For compactness, less weight, and simplicity of mounting, Series 75 (Lip Seal) and Series 475 (Mechanical Seal) close coupled pumps are ideal for direct connecting nominal speed motors...

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Series 32 pumps are supplied with a multi-ring extra deep packed stuffing box...

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