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SERIES 115SD and 124SD

Extended service life for demanding abrasive liquid applications

- Tungsten Carbide idler bushings and idler pins maintain internal tolerances and prevent wear between head and idler.
- Mechanical Seals have Silicon Carbide hard faces and positive pinned drive to provide superior abrasive resistance and handle viscous liquids.
- Mechanical seals are positioned behind the rotor to isolate the shaft bushing from the abrasive fluid. This maintains shaft support to extend the life of the seal and prevent wear between the rotor and the casing.

Many liquids contain abrasive materials like pigments, filters and coatings to colour, treat, finish or harden final products. These applications can vary in the size, hardness and concentration of abrasive particles contained and the viscosity of the liquid to be pumped. These factors, along with the discharge pressure required in the system, should be taken into account in the selection of the pump size and materials of construction.

In general, when selecting a pump for abrasive service, the severity of the application determines the relative hardness of the materials of construction selected, the number of wear surfaces that need to be addressed and the pump speed. Speed increases the rate of wear and selecting a larger pump running at a slower speed will improve service life. Abrasive wear increases with higher operating pressures and low viscosities and these factors, especially in combination, increase the severity of the service.

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