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DAIDO Gear Pumps will get your production in gear today. DAIDO Gear Pumps offer superior tooth engagement with increased efficiency that will enhance your process system while offering you piece of mind.

Designed as a direct replacement for V Gear Pump models, the DAIDO Gear Pumps will out turn, out flow and outperform V models.

Stop stalling and get your production in gear today, with DAIDO Gear Pumps.

- Durable ductile iron construction
- Variety of international materials available
- NPT/BSPT/ANSI/DIN Connections
- Flows to 757 LPM (200 GPM)
- Viscosity to 75,000 CP
- Pressure to 13.8 BAR (200 PSI)
- Temperature to 149 °C (300°F)

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