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Absolute Accountability In Turbine Meter Technology
LC Turbine Meters offer unsurpassed accuracy, efficiency and service life, and meet most liquid or gas flow measurement applications. LC Turbine Meters is available in stainless steel or corrosive series with a hydraulically balanced turbine rotor (no thrust bearing) and rugged, compact construction for the most accurate and reliable measurement available. Flow ranges are from 0.25 to 12,000 GPM and temperatures from -450°F (-268°C) to +1,000°F (+538°C). A wide variety of electronic instrumentation and components complete your flow needs.

Features include:-
•High pressure applications.
•Custom and standard designs.
•Wide choice of bearings, including carbide
•Interfaces with manual, semi-automated or completely automated systems.
•Materials compatible with application.
•Custom design and system engineering service.
•Manufactured in USA.

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