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Truly Innovative...
The people and the technology behind INNOVATIVE MAG-DRIVE have a rich and diverse history. This makes it possible to create what is truly the most innovative sealless non-metallic centrifugal pump on the market today. INNOVATIVE MAG-DRIVE is the offspring of two companies, one 10 years in age and the other having just celebrated its 100th year of operation. The goal of these two companies was to form a new, fully independent entity that would be capable of designing and manufacturing what is now known as the TB-mag series of pumps. For this vision to be successful, only the best qualities were taken from each of the sponsoring companies. This newly combined composition proved to be very rich and quite impressive, adding up to many years of experience. This experience includes over 20 years of Sealless Non-Metallic Centrifugal Pump Design, over 10 years of Plastics Engineering, over 10 years of Manufacturing Automation, over 12 years of Rapid Proto-Typing, over 20 years of Mechanical Engineering and over 100 years of Metallurgical Casting Technology. As such, INNOVATIVE MAGDRIVE is a new, state-of-art company having years of experience, support and technology behind it.

The TB-mag...
So what makes the TB-mag series so much better than the competition? Thrust Balancing and Engineering Design. The TB-mag (short for Thrust Balanced mag-drive) is the most revolutionary engineering concept to enter the mag-drive market since the invention of the mag-drive pump itself. The patent pending thrust balance technology behind the TB-mag series completely eliminates axial thrust bearings and provides the basis for a controlled internal environment. Superior engineering design minimizes the issue of secondary containment by providing secondary bearings. No other product on the market today offers these features at such a cost-effective and cost-competitive price. In short, the TB-mag sets new standards for non-metallic sealless pumps in application of use, product durability and customer driven value.

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