PC Series of pumps are designed according to API610, 10th edition and according to VDMA24297 (light/medium/high duty) criterion as well. The pumps can be used in most pumping process for its perfect designs with various types.


The pumps are designed for the delivery of most fluids in petrochemical processes, applied to pumping clean of slightly polluted, cold or hot, chemically neutral or aggressive liquids.

  • In refineries, petrochemical industry
  • In paper and pulp industries, sugar industry
  • In water industry, particularly in seawater desalination plants
  • In power plant
  • In coal processing industry
  • In heating and air-conditioning system
  • In enviromental protection engineering
  • In ship and offshore installations
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    Pump sizes DN : 25~400mm
    Capacities Q : ~2600m3
    Heads H : ~300m
    Operating pressure P : ~7.5MPa
    Operating temperatures t : -80°C~450°C


    Horizontal, single, radially split volute casing pumps foot mounted or centerline mounted, closed / opened single flow radial impeller.

    Axial suction branch, vertical radial discharge branch with flanges being able to withstand bigger loads. The flanges can also be machined to meet different standards.

    Shaft sealing chamber referred to API 682, specified for the installation of cartridge type or not single, double or tandem mechanical seals. Packing can also be selected.

    Pumping Medium

  • Sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid etc and organic acid at various temperature and concentration.
  • sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and alkaline liquid at various temperature and concentration.
  • All kinds of salt solution.
  • Various liquid petrochemical products, organic compound as well as raw materials with corrosion behaviors and the products.

We can provide various materials which can meet all the requirements of the medium mentioned above. Please provide the detail service conditions for the pump to us, when you order.