RANGER  PUMP Series 22

Our 3-inch pump model is offered with removable flanges.The Series 22’s larger size allows for pumping roughly 40 more gallons of product per minute than the series 17 model. Generating up to 165 gallons per minute, the Series 22 can output plentiful volume without too much of an increase in overall size.

Ranger Close-Coupled Gear Reduction Option (GB)

This series of Ranger pumps is designed to operate at reduced motor speeds. This allows the pump to operate equally well for both high and low viscosity liquids. Low pump speeds also increase pump life. Ranger gear boxes are self contained with oil lubricated antifriction bearings and hardened steel gears standard for maximum sever duty. One gear box has three interchangeable ratios that fit the 11, 17, and 22 Series pumps.

The charts on this page are intended as a guide only. All the application factors must be considered to select the correct pump and reduction speed. Other factors include temperature, liquid characteristics and inlet conditions.

Ranger gear boxes are not intended for the Series 48. Speeds shown for the 48 Series are for reference with independent gear reductions. Contact Ranger for information.

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